Arduino kit

Arduino kit

Chip: ATmega328
Frequency: 16 MHz
Memory: 32 KB, 0.5 kilobytes used bootloader

Inputs and outputs:
14 x digital input/output (serial port, external interrupt, PWM)
6 x analog input

USB 2.0 (converter to the serial port)

6.85 x 5.33 cm

Arduino is an open-source platform for easy design and development of programmable electronic devices . It is very suitable for rapid prototyping of toys, equipment and controls, and control applications without the need for a deeper knowledge of the principles of electronics. Without soldering as using a simple development environment and programming language and create, for example, serious monitoring devices with various sensors, or compose a remote-controlled robot.

The Arduino Uno is a microcontroller development board AVR ATmega328. This is the basic version from which other versions plates more or less based. The board itself contains 14 digital inputs/outputs and 6 analog . Furthermore jack to connect an external power supply and reset button. Also on board is connected to one LED, which can be controlled. Other optional peripherals must be connected separately.

The advantage of the device is Arduino simple connection to your computer and programming . Arduino is equipped with a micro USB connector for connection to a PC is reported as a serial port. Custom programming is done in a simple Arduino IDE environment with the help of language derived from Wiring. The code is very clear and there separates the programmer from the complexity of the hardware configuration.

Possible use:

automatic garden:

security system:

led cube: