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Creative laboratory FabLab is an open laboratory that works as a platform for designers, developers, artists, students and general public. It offers facilities so that users can familiarize with the practice and technologies of digital fabrication.

Laser cutting

Laser cutter is a machine that can mark on wood, stone, acrylic, glass and some plastics. There are a few materials that can be cut with laser cutter. Wood, acrylic, paper, leather and some other. Our laser can’t cut metal or glass.

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3D print

Layer by layer, 3D printer builds the model from bottom to top. There are different materials used as filament (PLA, ABS, …). You need .obj or .stl file to use in the printer software.

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Vinyl cutter

Vinyl cutters are commonly used for cutting stickers, letters, signs or designs to be used on a T-shirts. There is a heat press available to iron your custom desings on T-shirts. Vinyl cutter software works with vector files, primarily .eps .

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Project FabLabNet is realized by Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE and financed by European fond for regional development.